Cannabis Legalization Across the Globe

On October 17 th of 2018, Canada became the second to legalize cannabis recreationally across the country; a huge step for both Canada and the Cannabis industry itself. The world is now watching as the industry grows – quite literally – and more countries follow the path of legalization. But where else is recreational Cannabis [...]
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Cannabis Possession Limits in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal across Canada, do you know how much you’re allowed to carry? We know that the possession limits can be confusing, but EC has got your back. If you’re of legal age in your province, you can purchase and carry in public up to 30 grams of dried cannabis. Home possession [...]
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Where Cannabis Comes From: Landrace Strains

Our relationship with cannabis dates as far back as 2900 B.C., but what does that mean for the strains that exist today? Back in the good old days, cannabis grew wild in its natural habitat when there wasn’t an abundance of cross-breeding like there is today. Back then, cannabis strains were what we refer to [...]
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The Entourage Effect

No, not the T.V. Show Entourage – The Entourage Effect is referring to how different cannabinoids interact in our systems when they are present together. The term ‘Entourage Effect’ has been in use since at least 1988 when published in a scientific journal, and is now used today to describe the combined effect of cannabinoids [...]
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