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Find your sacred space and empower yourself with Eggs Canna. As your only unique, boutique Kelowna dispensary, not only do we offer over 400 high-quality cannabis products from industry-leading creators, we’re cultivators ourselves. We have an intimate understanding of cannabis, how it should be consumed and how it can make your life better, calmer and richer. Enjoy the exhilaration and elevation that comes with upper-end cannabis quality and service with us. 

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In modern times, it can be overwhelming to find the answers to all the cannabis questions: “What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica?”, “Why does CBD make me chill, but THC makes me energetic?” and “Is cannabis actually a topical cream now?”. While the third question is easy (it’s a simple yes), the first two are amongst thousands of other questions that require more in-depth explanations. That’s what we’re here for. We want to provide you with a better understanding of your personal connection to cannabis through insightful and engaging educational customer service, all within a comfortable cannabis dispensary in Kelowna.

Unique Cannabis Emporium
To truly create a feeling of warmth, acceptance and positivity, all our cannabis locations are designed to welcome individuals and provide them with a platform to be themselves. With a rich and elegant feel, you'll experience untold levels of comfortability at all our emporiums, from Kelowna to our redefined marijuana dispensary in Penticton.
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We believe education is key for understanding cannabis. It's how we changed its narrative, how we inform our customers, and why it's a crucial part of our training. Our Cannaseurs undergo regular training sessions to enhance their understanding and provide you with unbiased and helpful information that makes your cannabis journey all that more exciting.

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With five locations in Metro Vancouver and four in the Okanagan, you'll always find an Eggs Canna retailer close to you.

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With over 400+ cannabis products in our unique collection, from edibles to oils, from vapes to flowers, you'll find what you need from us.

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We offer what you need, not tell you what to have. We have a no minimum order policy, giving you more control over your orders.

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Did you know that Indica strains offer full-body effects, while sativa can uplift moods? We can answer any question you have.

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Seed of Creation

Your journey with natural plants still belongs to the realm of the sacred

We don’t hire budtenders, we train Cannaseurs

Who serve you as gatekeepers of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation

Our Eggciting Process To Cannabis Consumption

Diving headfirst in cannabis isn’t a smart idea. Having a thorough understanding of nature’s greatest (and most complex) plant is necessary so that you enjoy your experience. As grassroots activists, we know the responsibility that comes with socially responsible consumption. It’s what we’ll teach you. Don’t worry; it won’t be a lecture-long class. We’ll creatively explain its perks and potential downsides, the differences between strains and how each product works. You’ll walk away more confident and comfortable.

Why Us?

A New Era For Cannabis

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At Eggs Canna, we have a strong, powerful connection to cannabis. From being a leading part of the activist movement to opening our first Vancouver dispensary, we have a desire to curate, educate and transform people’s vibrant journey with cannabis. The elation we feel when helping people experience a creative life is just part of our mission. We’re passionate individuals dedicated to our craft and have a driving ambition to change views about cannabis. We want to highlight its medicinal benefits, explain its uniqueness and how you feel better with our support. It’s why we’re much more than a Kelowna dispensary.


Seed your cannabis connection with Eggs Canna; in-store with our Cannaseurs and online with our Tree of Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer edible and oils as a substitute for individuals who want to consume cannabis but don’t want to smoke or vape it. These substitutes still offer many of the benefits of inhaling cannabis, but it is a suitable option for people who struggle with the scent, taste and smoking effects of cannabis. Our team will happily show you our edibles and oils collection at our marijuana dispensary in Kelowna.

There are two main differences between these options. Medical cannabis is prescribed through a physician and usually has specific strains to treat particular condition(s). Recreational cannabis, on the other hand, does not and it can be purchased at public and private retail outlets – like Eggs Canna!

We recommend that your dried cannabis (your flowers) be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place. Other cannabis products, such as edibles, oils, and even capsules can be stored in the refrigerator. You should always keep your products in a secure location away from children and animals.