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The Ultimate Experience To Cannabis

Forget the ‘everyday’ — enjoy the ultimate guest experience, service and education with Eggs Canna! Slated to open in 2021, this Kamloops location is dedicated to heightening your cannabis connection! Our Cannaseurs will guide you every step of the way, enlighten you on responsible consumption, and offer a personalized boutique service. We are here to help seed your path back to nature!

Your Recreational & Informative

Cannabis Store in Kamloops

At Eggs Canna, we get it; there are hundreds of questions to ask about modern-day cannabis products, various strains, benefits and potential experiences. That is why we have made it easy; our Cannaseurs are extensively trained on everything cannabis and have all the answers you are looking for! Shopping for cannabis should be an adventure, one that is fun, exciting and memorable! So don’t stress about what you do not know – come and see how much fun learning can actually be!

Iconic Brand
Iconic Service
As a legacy retailer, we have spent the last 7 years elevating the service that we provide to our "Eggies"; as we like to call our customers. Through our distinct and iconic brand, well-versed and educated Cannaseurs and carefully curated products, we have created a shopping experience that transcends time. Our boutiques are meant to inspire, welcome and create memories! Visit any one of our locations and let us make an iconic impression on you!
Educated & Inspiring Cannseurs
Our Cannaseurs are the gatekeepers to care and knowledge for all of our boutiques. They are passionate about learning everything there is to know about cannabis and the products we carry. They will help guide your journey, offer you exclusive insights and help make every visit a memorable one! They are truly amazing!

Seed of Creation

Your journey with natural plants still belongs to the realm of the sacred

We don’t hire budtenders, we train Cannaseurs

Who serve you as gatekeepers of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation

Let’s Experience Your Cannabis Journey Together

As legacy operators, we understand that socially responsible consumption starts with education, respect for cannabis and creativity. This mantra, coupled with our patience for success, dedication to our craft and love of nature, helps shape our beautiful boutiques and amazing Cannaseurs.

Your journey with cannabis still belongs to the realm of the sacred; we are your guides!” — Eggs Canna Team

Why Us?

A New Era For Cannabis

Our Kamloops Boutique Will Inspire You!

We are very excited to launch our Kamloops location in late 2021 and bring another beautiful boutique to a community near you! Enjoy your personal connection with nature as we guide you through your odyssey with cannabis. Experience all this, and much, much more, with Eggs Canna Kamloops!


Seed your cannabis connection with Eggs Canna; in-store with our Cannaseurs and online with our Tree of Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis can make you feel more connected as a person if consumed responsibly. It can help you feel what your body needs, encourages playfulness and laughter and let you get honest with yourself. For more information, check out our blog “3 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Grow”.

Cannabis has a ‘sweet spot’ that is different for each individual. What you might handle, someone might not. Therefore, it’s important to understand the type of cannabis you consume, the amount of THC and CBD in it and what you want to experience. We believe in a “start low and go slow” approach to cannabis consumption. Our Cannaseurs at our cannabis dispensary in Kamloops can help you with your choices.

Edibles and tinctures are alternatives to smoking cannabis. Edibles are food or beverage items, such as chocolate, mints and so forth, while tinctures are cannabis oils, where you merely drip the oil into your mouth. Both of these products offer a delayed reaction while offering a slight cannabis smell or taste. It’s the perfect option for not smoking cannabis.