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Your Trusted Cannabis Boutique and Home to Your Favourite Cannaseurs!

At Eggs Canna, we know a thing or two about cannabis. First, we are also cultivators, grassroots contributors, and now we are highly-trained Cannaseurs! With a variety of products from industry-leading producers, we have much to discuss! Come visit our Penticton cannabis boutique and let’s seed your journey today.

Making Your Journey Easy At Our

Cannabis Store in Penticton

We get it! — Modern-day cannabis can be a bit confusing. There are new cultivators, various strains, different products, all with multiple outcomes! Finding what works best for you can sometimes be difficult, even for the most experienced consumers. At Eggs Canna, we make your journey straightforward and memorable. We are the ultimate guide on your journey with nature’s most powerful and loveable plant! Come visit us at our Penticton boutique.

Boutique Cannabis Locations
From our flagship cannabis store in Vancouver to our newly-opened Penticton boutique, all our locations are designed to evoke a warm, welcoming and educational atmosphere. Find your local boutique and sacred space where you can explore your personal journey with cannabis!
Informative & Supportive Cannussuers
Passion and education are the pillars of our success; we have passed this onto our Cannaseurs, who are eager to pass it on to you! Our team is excited to share informative and groundbreaking cannabis education that will enhance your journey.

Seed of Creation

Your journey with natural plants still belongs to the realm of the sacred

We don’t hire budtenders, we train Cannaseurs

Who serve you as gatekeepers of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation

Our Historic & Powerful Connection to Cannabis

As cannabis activists we are proud that we contributed to bringing the legalization movement to life! Protesting the illegality of cannabis as early as 2014, Eggs Canna has helped shape this industry, while creating an iconic grassroots brand. On our journey, we have helped guide, educate and support thousands of Canadians to experience and understand the benefits of cannabis. Come visit us today and let us seed your cannabis connection and support you on your journey!

Why Us?

A New Era For Cannabis

Seed Your Cannabis Connection Today!

From our Vancouver boutique to our Penticton store, you will have a unique and memorable experience with each visit at any one of our locations. With each visit, our Cannaseurs offers bountiful education, specialized insight and personalized care. As we embark on this journey together, you will feel empowered and confident with every visit–that is the boutique experience!


Seed your cannabis connection with Eggs Canna; in-store with our Cannaseurs and online with our Tree of Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

The terms ‘Indica’ and ‘Sativa’ reflect each plant’s physical appearance, including its origins and growth patterns. Each plant has a different strain and a unique mix of cannabinoids and terpenes that determine how you’ll feel when taken. In broader terms, indica infused products are associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation (so best taken at night), while sativa is associated with uplifting your mood and energy (great for during the day).

Consuming both CBD and THC-infused cannabis products can encourage you to rest and prevent burnout when required, promote self-reflection that helps you grow and learn (which is vital to your happiness and fulfilment at work) and inspire you to get into the creative flow when needed.

Indeed you can. With edibles, oils and flowers, you can incorporate cannabis within your food. However, you must be careful with the amount, strain and amount as it can have strong impacts on your experience. Speak to our Cannaseurs before commencing any cooking adventures.