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Empower yourself with our Characteristic Catalogue

Empower yourself with our Characteristic Catalogue
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Our Vancouver Dispensary

Consuming high-quality cannabis in a socially responsible manner while receiving insightful education is an excellent approach to nature’s greatest seed. We’ve made it better. At Eggs Canna, we’ve elevated the practice and standard of marijuana dispensaries by offering high-end boutique customer service, coupled with unique and pure cannabis creations straight from the seed. Experience cannabis as it should be, with comfort, care and creativity, only at our Vancouver dispensary.



Cannabis at its most natural form. Break down your buds with your hands or grinder, and enjoy your own creation. Inhale, vape or digest.



Grade-A marijuana, already rolled and ready to go. Choose from different sizes, various strains (THC, CBD or Hybrid) and personal delights.



With no preparation or expensive accessories, modern-day vaporizers allow for convenient form and use, whenever and wherever you want to go.



A tincture is all you need sometimes. A few drops into a meal or under your tongue, and you'll experience the smoother way to cannabis consumption.



The exact ingredients, the exact measurements, the exact experience. Capsules are designed with pinpoint doses to ensure you get the experience you want.



With high-end ingredients - both for cannabis and the food itself - marijuana-infused edibles will create an intoxicant blend in your mouth while offering a natural experience.



Add a little more to your touch by applying cannabis-infused topical products. A small dab on your skin can create a soothing effect that transcends the body.



Sometimes you might need a little more. With game-changing tools and kits, grinders and infusers, you can optimize your session to the next level.

More Than Just A Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver

We understand better than most: cannabis is about experience, education and socially responsible consumption. Since our early grassroots movement, we’ve talked less about the “high” and more about understanding, value and creativity. We have a personal connection to cannabis, and we want to share that with our customers, bringing them closer together with one of nature’s greatest plants. Our mission is to guide, educate and support Canadians, all within the confines of a comforting high-end luxury space where they can be themselves.

Unique, Boutique Experience
Our boutiques are more than just standard marijuana dispensaries. Each location is carefully created to reflect our personal relationship to cannabis, creating a warm, positive, and sacred space for everyone within our community and beyond. You'll experience a new age of unique personalized support within our luxury, boutique stores.
Informed, Delighted & Excited
Our passion for knowledge and education is evident throughout all our locations. From our Kelowna dispensary where we promote the medical and recreation benefits to our bright-minded Cannaseurs removing social stigmas at our dispensary in Penticton, you'll be informed, delighted and excited thanks to driven, synergetic and educational-infused Cannaseurs.

We don’t hire budtenders, we train Cannaseurs

Who serve you as gatekeepers of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation

Click & Collect in Comfort & Class

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With five locations in Metro Vancouver and four in the Okanagan, you'll always find an Eggs Canna retailer close to you.

Inspect our Collections of Boutique Products

With over 400+ cannabis products in our unique collection, from edibles to oils, from vapes to flowers, you'll find what you need from us.

No Minimum Order

We offer what you need, not tell you what to have. We have a no minimum order policy, giving you more control over your orders.

Got Questions? Ask Us

Did you know that Indica strains offer full-body effects, while sativa can uplift moods? We can answer any question you have.

Choose Your Pick-Up Time

Busy now, free later? Set up a time for pick-up, and our Cannsseurs will keep hold of your cannabis order until you're ready.

Ready in 30 Minutes

Can't wait to chill out? We'll get your orders ready in 30 minutes, so you can enjoy your seed of creation on the go.

Seed of Creation

Your journey with natural plants still belongs to the realm of the sacred

THC v CBD? Sativa v Indica?
We Make It Eggxtra Easy

At Our Vancouver Dispensary

We get it; new lingo, modern creations, the endless THC v CBD debate. It can all be a bit overwhelming and head-spinning. When you walk into our locations, be it at our Vernon or Kamloops dispensary, we’ll melt your worries away. We’ll explain how CBD can offer the perks of cannabis without the accompanying high, why particular strains aid with health ailments, and the differences you might experience between tinctures, edibles and smoking. Our Cannaseurs will help curate the best experience for you at our Vancouver dispensary

Our Ingredients for Quality: Love, Patience, Dedication & Eggshells

Being a higher-end boutique brand doesn’t mean we’re about exorbitant prices. We’ve been activists since the very beginning, promoting and redefining the cannabis narrative through our grassroots movement. Our boutiques stem from our desire to showcase a deeper, more natural side to cannabis products, offering these seeds of creations for prices that reflect their quality, care and naturalness. Through a love of nature, patience for success and equality, and a dedication to our craft and education, we’ve created an iconic brand we’re proud of – and one recognized for its divine uniqueness. As for the eggshells, well, as cultivators for over 20 years, it’s our little fertilizer sauce.


Contributing cannaseurs explore hot topics in cannabis

Reframing the cannabis connection one blog at a time

Why Us?

A New Era For Cannabis

Characteristic Catalogue

Seed your cannabis connection with Eggs Canna; in-store with our Cannaseurs and online with our Tree of Knowledge.


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Characteristic Catalogue

Seed your cannabis connection with Eggs Canna; in-store with our Cannaseurs and online with our Tree of Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

First-timers should approach cannabis in a respectable and educational manner. As it’s your first time, our Cannaseurs at cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver and across B.C. will guide and educate you so you get the desired effect. We’ll help you discover the right cannabis creation for your unique journey with a “start low and go slow” approach.

There is much to unpack between the two cannabinoids compounds. But in basic terms, THC refers to the psychoactive part of the plant, meaning it will get you high. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and offers different full-body experiences. Having an understanding of both can ensure you have a pleasant experience. For more information, read our FAQs section.

Indeed there is. Before legalization, cannabis was used for medical purposes, helping individuals with chronic pain, cancer, appetite loss, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, mental health conditions and many others.

Those who create a stable, balanced and educated relationship with cannabis experience numerous benefits for their health and body. Those that don’t can suffer and misuse it. We believe strongly in the former, educating the community to make the right decisions with cannabis.