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Eggs Canna Click and Collect is Now Available!

Eggs Canna Click and Collect is officially launched! The cannaseurs at our Vancouver weed shop are excited to give you legal cannabis more easily than ever. Be sure to create your online profile through our Click & Collect portal and take advantage of sales and promotions when you buy cannabis products online!

We Are Eggs Canna.

Your Local Cannabis Boutique Since 2014.

A licensed cannabis boutique in Vancouver & the Okanagan

Your cannabis connection since 2014

Cannabis Boutique vs Cannabis Retail

When visiting an Eggs Canna boutique you will embark on a journey; we create an atmosphere that is welcoming, informative and most importantly memorable. Our Cannaseurs are highly trained to answer all of your questions and our products are carefully curated to captivate your senses.

The Boutique Look
Each one of our locations are carefully created to reflect our respect for cannabis and your personal relationship to cannabis. Our beautiful boutiques create a warm, positive, and sacred space for everyone within our community.
Informed, Delighted & Excited
Our passion for knowledge and education is never ending! Our Cannaseurs want to make you into a cannabis expert too! Visit us at our Kelowna location where we focus on BC grown local products or our Vancouver locations where we are known as the extract and flower experts! Each one of our boutiques and amazing Cannaseurs have a story and memory to share with you!

We don’t hire budtenders, we train Cannaseurs

Our Cannaseurs serve you as gatekeepers of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation.

THC v CBD? Sativa v Indica?
We Make It Eggxtra Easy

At Our Cannabis Retail Boutiques

We get it; new lingo, modern creations, and the endless THC v CBD debate. It can all be a bit overwhelming and head-spinning. Come visit us at any of our Vancouver locations or Penticton and Kelowna locations. Our cannaseurs will spend one-on-one time explaining everything you need to know about our marijuana store and how you can buy cannabis online!

How does CBD offer the perks of cannabis without the accompanying high?

How do terpenes guide your experience?

What are some awesome infused cannabis drink recipes for a night out?

If you have questions, our hybrid cannabis boutique has the answers!


Our Ingredients for Quality: Passion, Patience, Dedication & Education

We are cannaseurs, changing the stigma around cannabis one guest at a time. Through positivity and diversity, we seek to educate and inform through our hybrid cannabis boutiques. Whether you are a long-time consumer or just getting into the world of cannabis retail, Eggs Canna in Vancouver is your go-to luxury-forward experience.

The staff at our weed store is knowledgeable & always puts service and quality products first. We believe in educating our clients and will work with you to help you find the right product that suits your needs, whether you’re buying in person or ordering cannabis online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has a different tolerance and desire for effects when it comes to Cannabis, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Our Cannaseurs are eager to help curate the best experience for you. Cannaseurs will evaluate the type of mood or effect you desire, the strength that would be best for your level of experience and the type of consumption best suited for you, this could be dry flower, edibles or tinctures. As there are many varying factors, we are eager to help you discover your unique journey with the sacred cannabis plant.

Cannabis has a sort of ‘sweet spot’ where each person’s individual dose is achieved, which will differ for everyone no matter your method of consumption. Because of this, it’s important to understand the amount of THC in the product you’ll be consuming, and more than that, “start low and go slow.” This means whether you’re smoking a joint or eating an edible, start with a small amount and wait and see how it affects you.

We always recommend storing your dried cannabis in a dark, dry, and cool place. Edibles, tinctures, and even capsules can be stored in the refrigerator, while the freezer should only be used for edible storage if you desire to prolong freshness for an extended period of time.


Always keep your cannabis products in a secure location in your home away from children and animals.

Are you a gatekeeper of care & knowledge for the sacred seed of creation? Join our Cannaseur team! Head on over to our Careers page and see our currently available job listings. If you see something that just might be perfect for you, send us your resume!

In British Columbia, the legal minimum age to purchase cannabis products is 19. You are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or product equivalent, in public. Keep in mind the possession limit differs from in-store purchasing limits!


Although you can possess up to 30 grams legally of dried cannabis, what about possession limits for other products?


One (1) gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:


5 grams of fresh cannabis
15 grams of edible product
70 grams of liquid product (such as tinctures)
0.25 grams of concentrates (liquid OR solid)
1 cannabis seed

By law, cannabis refunds may only occur if there is a government recall on the product or the product is defected and not fit for human consumption.

Although the vast majority of brick and mortar retail locations are legal, there are still some illegal operators. Typically speaking, illegal storefronts still use terms such as “Pot Shop,” “Weed Shop,” or “Dispensary.” Since legalization, the use of “Dispensary” in one’s name has become illegal, and under the new framework, we are referred to as “Cannabis Retail.”


All legal stores are listed on both the Provincial website and their perspective Municipal websites. Also, look for stores with the “Provincially Licensed Retailer” stickers to further identify legal stores from illegal shops.


And whenever you see EGGS CANNA in your community, know that we are always licensed and legal!