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Forget the ‘everyday’ and enjoy the ultimate guest experience, service and education with Eggs Canna! As one of the only Legal Legacy Operators in the Lower Mainland, we have been seeding your cannabis connection since 2014! Come visit any one of our Vancouver boutiques where our Cannaseurs are ready to embark on a journey with you!

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At Our Cannabis Boutiques

We know that Vancouverites are cannabis experts, but we also understand that much has changed once we crossed over from prohibition to legalization! Let us explore what’s trending now, and some of our favourite new must-haves!
If you are new to cannabis, we have you covered! Our Cannaseurs are extensively trained in everything cannabis, and are ready to elevate your experience at one of our boutiques today!

Welcoming Space
When you walk into our Vancouver cannabis boutiques, you will feel empowered and infused with a sense of warmth and luxury. Each one of our Vancouver locations is carefully built to reflect our personal connection to cannabis while inviting you to create your own experiences. We want to make your journey all that more engaging and eggciting!
Highly-Trained Cannaseurs
Education is a key fundamental at Eggs Canna, and nobody exemplifies that more than our amazing Cannaseurs! Bright-minded and passionate, they live and breath cannabis! They are the gatekeepers to care, knowledge and your guides to cannabis!

We Are Eggs Canna.

Your Local Cannabis Boutique Since 2014.

Why Eggs?

For our Co-Founder, cannabis has always been a life’s passion now turned life vocation. Prior to us becoming legacy retailers, we were cannabis cultivators for over 20 years. As part of the early MMAR Licensing regime, our passion, dedication and understanding of this amazing plant was seeded a very long time ago! Part of our unique cultivation process included using eggshells as fertilizer, naturally enhancing the quality of our creations. Many years later that stuck with us, and has become part of our exclusive brand, and yes, you guessed it, our iconic name!

Why Us?

A New Era For Cannabis

Feel Connected With Our History

Through activism, educational platforms and respect for cannabis, we have shifted stigmas for decades. Our passion for the craft of cultivation, thirst for knowledge and desire to exceed our customers’ expectations is what forges our iconic brand. We are more than a cannabis retailer and you are more than just shopping — we are a boutique seeding your cannabis journey.