No medical card is needed to purchase recreational products at Eggs Canna, just 2 pieces of ID to prove you are of legal consumption age in your province. One piece of ID must be Government-issued with your photograph and signature on it, the other piece must have your name imprinted.

No, unfortunately you cannot. Every individual wanting to purchase Cannabis in-store must do so themselves with their own identification to validate their age and identity.

You are legally allowed to purchase and carry 30 grams of dried Cannabis, with no limit at home except: 1,000 gram limit at home in British Columbia, and 150 gram limit in both Nunavut and Quebec.

Although Cannabis itself is legal across Canada, the laws surrounding public consumption differ from province to province. Please check your local regulations and smoking bylaws to see if Cannabis use is allowed in public in your region.

Product Information

The Cannabis products available for purchase from public and private retail stores in Canada come to us via the BC LDB (British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch) from Licensed Producers – which are Cannabis cultivators, processors, and sellers, who have been approved by Health Canada to distribute and supply provincial retailers (like us!).

There are a few differences between medical and recreational Cannabis including access, in which medical Cannabis is prescribed through a physician, while recreational Cannabis can be purchased at public and private retail outlets. Another difference can be efficacy, certain medical strains are bred to specifically treat a certain condition and can be covered under some benefits plans, while recreational Cannabis is not.

Safe Consumption

Everyone has a different tolerance and desire for effects when it comes to Cannabis, there isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’ for everybody. That’s why you should ask one of our highly trained Sales Ambassadors at your nearest Eggs Canna location any of your Cannabis related questions, they’ll happily help you find the right strain or product to suit your individual needs.

Eggs Canna

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