Cracking the Bias: 11 Questions with Katie Murray – International Women’s Day


In honour of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the incredible female voices on the Eggs Canna team. From our woman founder to our women store managers the diversity is strong.  From “dude culture” to big business other industries can be very patriarchal, and Eggs Canna wants to change this – to make it a safe space not only for women but for everyone. Throughout our community Eggs Canna aims to amplify the power of women and crack down the gender bias. 


Join us leading up to International Women’s Day as we shine the light on the incredible women that are a part of the Eggs Canna team. The second person we want to highlight is Katie Murray, the Manager of Marketing at Eggs Canna. Katie’s Cannabis journey is featured in this Q+A. 


KATIE MURRAY: Marketing Manager at Eggs Canna 

Katie Murray Eggs Canna
Katie – Marketing Manager For Eggs Canna

Why/how did you get into the cannabis industry?  

I became involved in the cannabis industry after COVID first happened and my business needed additional support. The universe let this fall into my lap, and I love that it brought me here. Getting into cannabis allowed me to demonstrate to consumers that it’s not a dangerous plant like we’ve been led to believe for so long and that stoners aren’t lazy and unproductive like the media has made them out to be. There’s nothing we can’t handle, and we are brilliant! 


What advice do you have for women looking to make an impact in the cannabis space?

As a woman entering the cannabis industry, I would advise that you try and give mentoring to another woman (or the individual coming into the cannabis industry), so they feel supported. I believe my manager recognized my greatness and gave me the opportunity to be bigger than I was when I first entered the field. She believed in me, and I would like to do that for other women. 


Did you ever dream of being in cannabis industry?  

Definitely notNo, not whatsoever. No way ha-ha. Only because it was stigmatized so much in my upbringing. As a result, I didn’t begin using cannabis until I was between 19 and 20 years old, and even at that point I still regarded cannabis from a D.A.R.E perspective that was instilled in me from school. This stigma was always there, sitting in the back of my mind saying “What is this? Am I evil for doing this…” which you’re not, and I am not. I feel like I’m living the dream even though I never dreamt of doing this in the first place. Looking back, I see how small moments and milestones led me to become involved with the cannabis industry without my realizing it at the time. 


What are some of the challenges that still exist that made you WANT to be in this industry?  

As someone who works in marketing, it is not the easiest thing right now to market cannabis as there are so many regulations. This gives me something to strive for and learn from, and I’m always learning something new on how I can market cannabis vs. how I can’t market cannabis. The future of the industry and what someone in marketing will be able to accomplish down the road excites me, as well as businesses being able to market their product and their company how they want. I am looking forward to seeing where the government will allow us to go with our creativity. 

How does a women’s presence in cannabis change the way that the industry is viewed and perceived? 

A woman’s presence truly brings a sense of divine feminine connection to the industry. More and more brands are adopting a more feminine approach (Ness for example) and moving away from “Stoner Bro” culture. Some cannabis brands used to have an extremely masculine feel to them, meaning that the women used in images are hypersexualized by the male gaze to sell products. Nowadays women are more respected as consumers and seen as customers. 


What do you think helped you the most to make a career as a woman? What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful? 

Throughout all the industries I have worked in, I would say my kindness and happiness has helped me thrive. As a result, I have been able to make connections and really display my femininity in a way that business hasn’t normally allowed. Having the ability to be vulnerable with people and connect with them has proven to be an advantage for me in my career, as it has helped me succeed in much more than one area of my life. Once you establish that connection with someone, you want to help them, which can make them want to do the same for you. 


How many people did you have to convince that Cannabis isn’t a dangerous substance? 

I remember quite a few people, especially elders or parents – they come from a time when cannabis was considered very dangerous, and anything can be dangerous if you abuse it. When you respect something, learn from it, and recognize that with moderation, cannabis can be quite healing. Showing people that something is not scary and getting them out of that mindset can help them slowly change their opinions in their own time to become comfortable with the idea of using it. After they see the other side, they think well maybe it’s not as dangerous as I thought it was… Maybe this can help me in my life and make my days a little bit easier and lighter while increasing my creativity possibly making me happier! 

How many times have you been in the only woman in the room, when it comes to cannabis? 

I never have been the only woman in the room in cannabis… Actually, that’s not true because I have met Craig and Paul from the Eggs Canna team, but I’ve never felt left out. Our company attracts so many women, it’s inspiring. Other industries have had me as the only woman in the room and it can sometimes be difficult because there are times when you feel the masculine energy is overwhelming you, even when you want to express your femininity. My gratitude goes out to Eggs Canna for making everyone feel comfortable and welcoming any energy someone has to offer. 


What was your families reaction to being in the cannabis industry?  

It was a bit of a shock to my mom. To her, the cannabis industry was very different from being in the radio industry, but she never made me feel uncomfortable. I am fortunate to have parents who are supportive like mine. 


BONUS QUESTIONS: What is your favourite Munchie?  

Oh, my favourite munchie is probably any sweet treat. I’m thinking maybe chocolate-based, salted caramel chocolate, or Lindt chocolate. Or Reese’s peanut butter cups with potato chips in them. It sounds weird, but they’re real, and they’re delicious – it’s the perfect sweet and salty mixture. 


What is your favourite method of consumption?

Joints, joints, joints! Pre-rolls are the only way to smoke in my opinion. It’s the most natural cannabis experience you can have! 


The International Women’s Day 2022 Campaign theme is #BreakTheBias, which is why Eggs Canna is #CrackingTheBias:  

Imagine a gender equal world.  

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.  

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.  

Together we can forge women’s equality.  

Collectively we can all #CrackTheBias.  

Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day.  

We can crack the bias in our communities.  

We will crack the bias in our workplaces.  

Together, we can all crack and creak the bias - on International Women’s Day  and beyond.  


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