2020 has thrown us all for a loop. Many of us have had to adapt to big changes in our work, and some of us have faced new health scares and challenges.

2020 has thrown us all for a loop. Many of us have had to adapt to big changes in our work, and some of us have faced new health scares and challenges. Whether you’ve never considered cannabis before or are in a long-term relationship with it, it makes sense to spend at least some hours of social distancing reading up on some new perspectives. What’s the worst that could happen?

Here are three ways that cannabis can improve your life right now.

1. It can help you feel what your body needs

If you’re one of those people who’s constantly thinking about how much you need to stretch, cannabis could be a great ally for you to actually get on your yoga mat and do something about it. As a seed of creation, cannabis inspires you to tune in to the type of movements your body wants to create, whether that’s a long savasana or a high-powered session on your stationary bike. You might also feel that cannabis amplifies the benefits of movement in your body.

“Dr. Dayna McCarthy told MarketWatch that there’s scientific evidence that the chemical compounds in cannabis have the propensity to heighten what is already happening in the body; exercise releases endorphins, and patients may feel even better or more positive after exercising when they ingest cannabis substances,” she said.

2. It encourages playfulness and laughter

Now more than ever, we need to express our playfulness and joy. Working all the time, or dwelling on the things that stress us out, without tending to our playful spirit can make life feel heavier than it needs to. As a seed of creation, cannabis can encourage us to get back to basics – get silly, shake off stressful energy, and replace it with healthy laughter. Whether you’re connecting with friends or flying solo, those giggles and belly laughs are certainly nourishing for the soul.

3. It can help you get honest with yourself

Sometimes being stuck in a rigid mindset is what keeps us stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle. As a seed of creation, cannabis can help you open your mind to view your life situation from different perspectives. As Bob Marley famously said, “Smoke the herb. It reveals you to yourself.” If you’ve been holding yourself back from making a positive change in your life, cannabis might be a great companion for your journey.

No matter what your 2020 journey looks like, empowering yourself with insights and tips to shake things up and move forward with new perspectives sounds like a good place to start. Plus…aren’t you wondering what our Mother Earth has to say? Reach out to us if you have any questions, or leave a comment below!