As we spend more time at home, in sacred space: we have been forced to look inward.

As we spend more time at home in sacred space, we have been forced to look inward.

Tuning out the bustle of every day life tunes us into certain narratives circling the globe. Our world slowly erupts into Feara fear of what is yet to come. Now more than ever…we find ourselves called to the seed of creation.

We can’t help but wonder what our Mother Earth has to say. Do you?

  1. Take 5 minutes….we know you’re at home

  2. Sit across from your family and loved ones

  3. Sit in silence

  4. Or maybe play this in the background

  5. Inhale as you count to 8

  6. Exhale as you count to 8

  7. Create a ritual of breathe

  8. Inhale….exhale

  9. In-between every inhale and exhale state clearly in your mind:

  10. I am ready to usher in the new world. How may I serve?

What has our Mother Earth said to you? Let us tell you what our Mother Earth has said to us:

We cannot ignore the devasting effects current events has caused in every home; but together, we can create a new future. Comment your thoughts or ideas because we are commited to helping you grow them from seeds of thoughtinto creations. Why?

The true seed of creation….is you….

Thank you for being our ally as we align with a new world. If awareness doesn’t come to you immediately, know that your call will be answered. You will know when the answer arrives.

At times like this, we can’t help but wonder what our Mother Earth has to say.

At times like this, we can’t help but wonder what our Mother Earth has to say.

As a seed of creation, we understand that Cannabis remains a valued part of your individual journey as the collective follows universal suggestion in practicing social distancing.

With the on-going developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have invited conversations with customers still visiting us in-store and have decided on a course of actionWe serve. We will remain open; however, please reflect on the following:
  1. Our intent is to support by honouring your requests
  2. We are taking every necessary precaution to follow suggested health regulations
  3. We expect you to do the same
  4. Join us in maintaining a safe space
  5. Stay 6 feet away  – at all times!
  6. We cannot explore shipping opportunities in accordance with federal law
  7. Our Head Office continues to explore innovative ways for you to continue shopping while minimizing contact
  8. Together, we evolve to suit the times
  9. Continue this conversation, comment your thoughts

Be safe as you continue to invest in Cannabis on your journey inward.



Remember, isolation doesn’t mean disconnection. As you reflect, create. If the seed of creation is part of your creative ritual, tag #SeedOfCreation. We’ll share your offering with the world.