In case you’ve ever looked at cannabis packaging and wondered “What’s up with all these numbers and symbols?” Don’t worry – we’ve created this guide for you.

Cannabis labeling has only been the norm for the past few years. To the average consumer, the indicated percentages and chemicals may appear rather scientific.

You may find yourself thinking “Exactly what do these abbreviations mean?” or “How do I know this cannabis is safe and legal?”

The key to decoding your cannabis labels is found here in this guide by Eggs Canna.


CBD, you’ve probably heard about it once or twice, but what is it exactly?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. There are more than 113 cannabinoids identified, and its discovery dates back to 1940, when scientists first discovered it!
Due to its cannabis origins, CBD has also been subjected to a lot of misconceptions over the years. Most people are unaware of CBD’s benefits. Because of this, we strive to provide accurate information about CBD to our Eggs Canna customers. Listed below, we have put together a list of things you should know about CBD!


1. CBD is NOT Psychoactive in Nature

The compound in cannabis responsible for causing high or psychoactive effects in the body is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD, on the other hand, negates the psychoactive effects of THC due to its balancing power. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that the cannabis plant is not muddled only with the brain-altering compounds. Compounds like CBD actually have a positive effect on the body.


2. Consumption Methods Vary

It is a common notion that cannabis and CBD can only be consumed through smoking. But this notion does not hold true as there are multiple ways to consume CBD. The most popular method of consumption is CBD oil, which is followed by CBD pills. Other means of getting access to CBD include capsules, topical creams, and sprays. You can find all of these products at Eggs Canna.


3. Our bodies Produce Cannabinoids

CBD contains phytocannabinoids, or cannabinoids produced by plants. Our bodies produce their own cannabinoids from these molecules by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).
CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain are directly responsible for interacting with cannabinoids. By consuming CBD, it promotes homeostasis and activates these receptors.


4. Animals Can Use CBD

We have noted earlier that the ECS in our bodies helps us produce our own endocannabinoids so that they can interact with CBD. However, humans aren’t the only creatures with such systems. It turns out that most of our favorite pets (dogs, cats, horses, etc) have ECSs that process CBD in a similar way to ours. It turns out that all mammals have an ECS.
Nowadays, pet owners are giving CBD in various forms to their pets such as capsules or treats infused with CBD to treat a wide range of ailments.

cat CBD

Whether you’re clocking in at the office from 9-5 or running your e-commerce empire from a beach in California, cannabis can be an amazing ally to elevate your workflow.

Whether you’re clocking in at the office from 9-5, Monday to Friday, or running your e-commerce empire from a beach in California, cannabis can be an amazing ally to elevate your workflow.

Do you like to use cannabis after work to let go of your day?

Do you enjoy cannabis and then dive into your creative projects?

No matter what you do for work, or how frequent your cannabis use is, here are a few benefits of including cannabis in your workflow.

Remember, do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using cannabis.

Here are three ways that cannabis can improve your life right now.

1. Cannabis can encourage you to rest

Rest is a necessary part of being functional and productive. All creation is born from a state of rest. When we’re not well-rested, it’s difficult to show up and perform at any of our tasks in life. When using cannabis as a seed of creation, create a space for yourself to relax, and set the intention for this sacred plant to enhance your sense of relaxation. Enjoy every moment of rest, slowness, and sleep that cannabis inspires, and use it to fuel your hours of active creation.

2. Cannabis can promote self-reflection

Self-reflection helps us learn and grow, which is vital to our happiness and fulfilment at work. Without taking time to self-reflect, we can get stuck in jobs that we don’t like, or we might miss opportunities that we can’t see. As a seed of creation, cannabis can help us gain new perspective on our workflow and what we are creating with our business relationships. This type of exploration helps us make better decisions and use our energy more wisely, so that we can create the type of work experience that truly serves us.

3. Cannabis can inspire you to get into the creative flow

It’s easy to access your creativity when you connect with the seed of creation, which is the cannabis plant. Artists and entrepreneurs throughout time have reported that cannabis enhances their subtle senses of perceptioninspiring new ideas and creative visions. But creativity is not just drawing, painting, or making music. Cannabis can show you that your creativity is present in everything you do – from the conversations you have, to how you solve buisness problems and the way you cook and eat your food. Whether you get inspired to reorganize your space to reflect inner health, or want to drop into a focused art flow, allow yourself to capture – and be captured by – the creativity that cannabis inspires.

These are three powerful yet simple ways you can use cannabis in your workflow, no matter who you are. Are you a cannabis user….or a Cannaseur? A gatekeeper of care and knowledge for the seed of creation knows cannabis is an ally to access and integrate your higher potentials into your every day life.

Work hard, stay safe and remember that your unique relationship with cannabis needs to be learnt and understood, but most of all, created with intention.